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  • Ayrton’s blog post published on the Huffington Post


    We’re very proud to be on the Huff Post! Ayrton discusses the reasons for coming up with the idea for the Liberation Campaign – read all about it


    Ayrton Cable

    Ayrton Cable

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  • Launching the Liberation Campaign

    How about this for a game to change the world?!

    What game? well, we are thrilled to be producing the WAF Youth Awards for 2015, which will take place at the prestigious World Expo in Milan. Ayrton launched it at the WAF Awards in London in June this year.

    These awards are focused on recognising young peoples’ efforts to tackle obstacles in solving things such as feeding the world sustainably, resolving conflict and other local and global challenges.These obstacles lie in the heart and mind, specifically forces such as Apathy, Indifference, Distraction, Stinginess, and Ignorance!

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